5 Interesting Facts About Honda You Didn’t Know

1. Honda Originally Made Motorcycles

Before 1963, Honda exclusively produced motorcycles. But that all changed when they released two new vehicles: the T60, a small truck, and the S500, their very first car. The S500 was a stunning 2-door sports car, powered by an upgraded motorcycle engine. However, production was limited, with only 1,363 models ever made.

2. Honda Engines Dominate The Indy 500

Engines produced by Honda have won more Indy 500 races than any other manufacturer. This is surprising because Honda has never been seen as the “highest performing” vehicle in terms of overall speed.

3. Honda Also Makes Robots

Honda Motor Company has always been committed to improving the way people move. In 2000, they took that dedication to the next level by creating ASIMO, a humanoid robot that has had a significant impact on modern walking assistance technology.

4. Honda Made The First Four-Wheel Drive Car

The first four-wheel drive car was the 1987 Honda Prelude. This was the first car to feature this steering in mass production for consumers to purchase. Honda has since become one of the leading manufacturers of 4-wheel steering to this day.

5. Honda is Dominant In The U.S.A

Honda may have Japanese roots, but it’s a major player in the American automobile manufacturing industry. With over 12 plants across the United States producing 5 million vehicles annually, Honda Manufacturing USA is responsible for making more than two-thirds of the Honda and Acura cars sold in the country.

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